Do Skunks Smell without Spraying

If you are not familiar to skunks or if you have just recently moved out into the country you may have smelled something and wondered what it was.  If it was a skunk then you will have wondered if it has sprayed something or not.  Hence the question, does a skunk have to spray something before you can smell the skunk?  Hopefully this short article will give you the information you need to know to be able to determine this yourself.

First off, you should know that a skunk does not have to spray anything in order to smell the skunk.  While the skunks odor does smell bad when it is sprayed, you can smell the skunk when it is just walking around.  This can be because of many different reasons.  Perhaps the skunk has recently sprayed a predator and the spray got transferred to the skunk as well.  Or perhaps the two glands that produce and spray the skunk smell (located on either side of the skunks rear end) allow some skunk smell to seep out because of the severe potency of the skunk smell.

If you ask me I would say that it would be a combination of the two.  Because if something smells bad, then the chances are that it is going to permeate out and other people or animals will be able to pick up the scent (especially if it is something as strong and as potent as skunk smell).  Also, it’s very likely that a skunk will get some of it’s spray on itself.  Maybe it sprayed into the wind or the spray leaked onto the sunk.  Either way, the question has been answered because skunks generally always smell bad (at least the non-domestic skunks do anyway).